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Jewel Eliese
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How to Submit to Writer Mom

Hello there, Mama. We’re so glad to have you! Below is listed the most updated information regarding submissions.

Please note: these rules are subject to change as Writer Mom grows.

Who is Writer Mom For?

Writer Mom is for writers who dream of sharing their words with like minded readers. It is for the creative mom looking for a place to publish her:

  • fiction
  • poetry
  • inspiring articles about being a mom who writes.

What Does WM Want?

We would love to read stories that make us laugh, cry, stand up and cheer. Stories and articles we can’t wait to share at the holiday dinner table with our family and friends. We want your words to make us feel something.

We want to be wowed by your words because we know you have the talent.

The Basic Rules

Hey, moms gotta have rules, right?

  1. We prefer drafts fresh off the keyboard. That way we have the chance to work with you and polish the piece if need be, plus it gives your story more time on our front page. It’s better for you and our readers. Win, win!
  2. One submission a day per writer. We want to give all moms a chance to share their words and this helps vary the featured stories.
  3. The editors are more curators than proofreaders. It is the writers responsibility to send high quality, proofread work.
  4. Writer Mom articles focus on the struggles and joys of being a mom who writes. We want to see pieces about motherhood or writing — bonus if you combine them! *Articles that veer off this focus may be rejected.
  5. Stories and poems can be any genre. We simply want you to show off your best creative work.

~Take a look around the publication. You may enjoy yourself and get a feel of what Writer Mom is looking for.

Article Example:

What We Don’t Want

1) Pieces that are divisive, erotic, or gratuitously violent.

2) Articles that stray too far from our focus of being a writer mom.

3) Excessive spelling and grammatical errors.

4) Stories that are not fully developed or are missing a plot or point.

5) Stories that were published in other Medium publications. Again, we have to play fair.

How To Submit? (New!)

*Update*! Respond to this post

  1. Simply respond to this post saying that you’d like to write for us. If one of us claps for your response, this means you have been added.

It’s that easy. Wohoo!


2. If you are already a contributor you can submit via the “…” drop down menu and choosing Writer Mom from the ‘Add to publication option’. You can find the drop down button when you’re editing the story at the top right hand corner. And near the bottom of a published story.

Before you submit it’s a good idea to:

  • Choose a pretty picture from somewhere like unsplash.com and with site credit. Tip: Make the picture large, it looks better as a thumbnail.
  • Add some tags.

What to Expect

  • You should receive a response in about 2–3 days. Sometimes 4–5 depending on the health status of our families. Hey, it’s mom life. We hope you understand and know we are excited to read your submissions.
  • If you don’t hear back within this timeframe, feel free to submit to another publication.
  • We may make changes to your story to fix little typos we catch or problems with formatting.

Please Do

  • Highlight, comment, share and respond to stories you love on Writer Mom.
  • Respond to comments on your article or stories.
  • Subscribe to this publication to get updates.
  • Have fun!

Please be sure to always ask if you have any questions. Writer Mom is a place for you and we want to know what you think, even if it’s just to say hello.

You can email us are writermomsinc@gmail.com or jeweleliese@gmail.com

Regards from two writer/editor moms,

Autumn and Jewel Eliese



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